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Have you wanted to go into business for yourself for a long time? Have you hesitated because you didn’t want all the expense of renting an office/store and stocking the shelves?Well, our modern technological age has the answer for you. This is the time to start your own business because now you can do it online with minimal investment. Here’s how.1. Fill a NeedIf you already have a product that you want to sell, make sure that there is actually a good market for it. Don’t assume that the product will sell well just because you think it’s indispensable.Instead, look for a niche made up of people who are looking for a solution to a problem. It’s even better if they’re not finding many answers. You can do this research online by reading questions at online forums and by checking out current sites that try to solve the problem.You can then find or develop a product that does a better job than those sites2. Build a SimpleSiteNow that you have your niche and a product, you can build a FREE website by clicking the green button. Build a FREE Online Store Now! You can choose one of SimpleSite’s eye-catching templates to make building your site very easy. Your stunning site will be ready within minutes.  Click on your favourite design to get started!3. Write Relevant, Valuable ContentJust because you build a site does not mean that customers will flock to you. The first step for your online store is to write posts that solve problems you found in step 1 above.Start your post by mentioning the problem.Explain how this was also a problem for you.Describe how your product solves the problem and benefits the user.Give a strong guarantee.Ask for the sale.To write posts that readers will enjoy, check out Tips to Write Engaging Blog Posts.4. Optimize SEO for Your PostsSEO or search engine optimization is crucial so that Google will recommend your site to online users looking for a solution to the problem you’re solving. That means using high-converting keywords at appropriate places in your post.To learn more about SEO, read SEO for Your Blog Posts to Make Google Love You.5. Establish Your ExpertiseThe best way to gain a following of people in your niche is to give away valuable content for free.Give valuable tips by making comments in forums.Do guest posts for free.Give tips in social media.Be sure that you always include a link to your website in the information you are giving away. When your tips are published on competitor sites, your site will get a valuable link that search engines love.6. Upsell to Maximize ProfitThe first sale is the most difficult. Once someone has become a customer, you can offer other products that complement their first purchase.On the ‘thank you’ page, offer related products or give a loyalty coupon they can use on their next visit.Do It NowDon’t hesitate. Take advantage of the online trend by taking your business online now.Build a FREE online store at SimpleSite – click the green button to get started. Build a FREE Online Store Here!  Author: Kate Benzin

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