Smashing Podcast Episode 6 With Luca Mezzalira: What Are Micro-Frontends?

Read MoreIn this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about micro-frontends. What is a micro-frontend and how is that different from the sort of approach we might be taking at the moment? Drew McLellan finds out from micro-frontend pioneer, Luca Mezzalira.
Show Notes Weekly Update “Adding Dynamic And Async Functionality To JAMstack Sites,” Jason Lengstorf “Quantitative Data Tools For UX Designers,” Adonis Raduca “Creating Voice Skills For Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa,” Tris Tolliday “Beyond Sprint 0: An Alternative For Integrating Teams,” Shamsi Brinn “Helping Browsers Optimize With The CSS Contain Property,” Rachel Andrew Micro-Frontends Luca Mezzalira’s website Luca on Twitter “Micro-Frontends, The Future Of Frontend Architectures” on Medium More of Luca’s writing about micro-frontends can be found on his Medium account Luca’s book “Front-End Reactive Architectures” Transcript Drew McLellan: He’s a Google developer expert on web technologies and manager of the London JavaScript community.

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