17 Best Knowledge Base & Wiki Themes, Plugins and Templates

Read MoreSales and marketing might be how you attract your customers, but outstanding support is how you keep them. One of the main factors in maintaining a high quality of support is ensuring your customers always understand how to effectively use your products or services. Confused customers are angry customers. Well informed customers are happy customers.You and your team already have the knowledge of how your products and services work, but you need an efficient way for your customers to access that knowledge. Theme your site in the right way and you can easily add documentation, a knowledge base, a WordPress wiki; theme selection and application is all it takes to make sure your customers can easily get to all the information they need.
Knowledge Base wiki-style WordPress theme
In this article we’ve rounded up some of the best WordPress wiki themes,
best knowledge base WordPress themes, and best WordPress themes for
documentation so you don’t have to go to any trouble finding an option
that’s just right for your business.

Knowledge Base & Wiki Themes, Plugins and Templates on Envato
Elements (Unlimited Use)Envato Elements is for creative assets what Spotify is for music. A single monthly payment gets you access to millions of creative assets, with tens of thousands of new items added every week. In fact you could argue it’s better because you can download as much as you want, to keep permanently.Some of the knowledge base themes, WordPress wiki themes and documentation templates on Envato Elements with unlimited access6 Knowledge Base & Wiki Themes, Plugins and Templates (From Envato Elements–For 2020)Here’s a roundup of some of the stand-out creations on Envato Elements to get you setup for sharing information with your customers, whether you need a WordPress wiki theme, a knowledge base WordPress plugin, or a documentation template.1. KnowledgePress – WordPress Wiki Theme, Help Desk & FAQKnowledgePress – WordPress Wiki Theme, Help Desk & FAQKnowledgePress is a multi-purpose theme that facilitates creation of a knowledge base, FAQ (via a bundled plugin), wiki, and even allows for polls your customers can participate in. It supports Visual Composer and is fully responsive.2. XDocs – WordPress Documentation Creator PluginXDocs – WordPress Documentation Creator PluginXDocs is a plugin you can add to any WordPress site and use it to generate documentation. That documentation can be visited online, or it can be converted into offline documentation and included in a product download. XDocs uses its own self contained theme system so you don’t have to worry about compatibility – it can run alongside any WordPress theme you already have installed without causing conflict.3. Knowledge Base – a WordPress Wiki Plugin & HelpdeskKnowledge Base – a WordPress Wiki Plugin & HelpdeskKnowledge Base is a plugin for WordPress that can be used to create an entire self-help-desk system. The documentation posts you add can be live searched by your customers, you can allow people to vote on polls, and you can take advantage of built in Gutenberg blocks for knowledge base content and search.4. FAQ Revolution – WordPress Knowledge Base & FAQ PluginFAQ Revolution – WordPress Knowledge Base & FAQ PluginFAQ Revolution is a WordPress plugin that dynamically helps your customers find the right information by stepping them through a short sequence of choices. Use the included choice builder system to guide people to the answers they need instead of relying only solely on search. That said, the included search is very powerful, as is the knowledge base system.5. VS Docs – Documentation Web TemplateVS Docs – Documentation Web Template If you’re planning to use a non-WordPress documentation solution and just need a clean and professional design with the HTML and CSS already handled, this VS Docs web template might be just the thing.Note: This is the HTML version of the WordPress theme available on Theme Forest, which you’ll learn about below.6. Knowledge – Knowledge Base & Documentation PSD Graphic TemplateKnowledge – Knowledge Base & Documentation PSD Graphic TemplateOnce again, if you already have a non-WordPress knowledge base or documentation system lined up and need a great design to use with it, this light and readable PSD is the perfect template to hand over to your developer.Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)Envato Elements – Unlimited awesome template downloads for one low price.If one of the above themes, plugins or templates looks like it’s the right fit for you, when you sign up to Envato Elements you’ll get not just that item, but access to millions of other creative assets at the same time. Find photos and graphics to post on your site, try out different themes and templates for other sites you run, grab a presentation template for your next meeting, and get unlimited amounts of music and video assets for your promotional material.And the great thing is once you have a membership you have total freedom to try out as many different items as you want until you get that one perfect theme, photograph or video.Sign up for Envato Elements and get access to millions of creative assets with unlimited use. Get great themes, templates, graphics and more—all for one low price. Envato
Elements is a outstanding value for money if you use creative assets regularly. But perhaps right now all you need is just that one, absolute best WordPress knowledge base theme. If that’s the case, there’s a very good chance you’re going to find it in the selection from our ThemeForest marketplace below.The Best Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Themes (Buy One at a Time–2020)On Envato Market we have dozens of WordPress knowledge base and wiki themes designed by independent designers and developers around the world. Dozens of knowledge base WordPress themes on ThemeForest.With so many to choose from it was difficult to pick just a few! So to narrow down the selection we’ve rounded up 11 top rated themes, with every one scoring 4 out of 5 stars or higher in reviews.11 Top Rated Knowledge Base, Wiki & Documentation WordPress Themes (4 & 5 Stars)

Here’s our hand-picked selection of the top rated knowledge base WordPress themes that will let you create the knowledge base, wiki, FAQ or documentation your customers will love.

1. Flatbase – Easy to Manage Knowledge-Base WP Theme
Flatbase – Easy to Manage Knowledge-Base WP ThemeFlatbase is the perfect WordPress theme if you’re looking to create
your all-in-one support system. The theme combines a Knowledge Base,
FAQs, bbPress integration, and many other features. It’s also responsive
and SEO optimized.

2. iKnowledge – Fresh Content-Focused Knowledge-Base Theme
With a fresh and modern design along with fully widgetized homepage
and a prominent search bar, the iKnowledge WP theme will help you get
your support website up and running in no time. The theme allows you set
up help categories on the homepage and the bbPress integration is great
for providing an additional support channel.

3. Knowledge Base – a WordPress Wiki Theme
Base is a responsive Wiki-style WordPress theme with a clean design and
plenty of features to provide support and basic product knowledge to
your customers. It integrates with bbPress too so you can create a
support forum where customers can ask questions if they can’t find the
solution for their problem. Features include:

SEO-optimized codeAJAX based Live SearchThree homepage templatesCustom FAQ post typeExtensive theme optionsThe theme also supports localization so you can easily provide support in multiple languages.

4. Knowhow – Responsive Knowledge-Base WordPress Theme
Knowhow is a responsive knowledge-base WP theme that’s incredibly easy to set up. Features include:

AJAX Live SearchFAQ Page TemplateVideo Post Format SupportExtensive customization  The theme is also translation-ready and includes thorough documentation.

5. TechDesk – Colorful Support Wiki-Style WordPress Theme
The TechDesk theme makes it quick to find the right category for the
customer’s problem. The homepage features several differently colored
sections and the theme is powered by the SMOF Options Panel, which
provides tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme.
The WordPress wiki theme also comes with 9 custom widgets, 5 widgetized
areas, 5 post formats, and unlimited home page layouts.

6. HelpGuru – A Self-Service Help WordPress Wiki Theme
Going by its 4.5 out of 5 star rating from its thousands of customers, HelpGuru is one of the best WordPress wiki themes around. HelpGuru might be the theme for you if you’d like the ability to
receive feedback on your support articles so you know which areas need
improvement. This theme also comes with the ability to organize your
content and structure it in the most logical way. You can quickly add
attachments to your articles and allow customers to download help files.

7. Lore – Simple and Elegant WordPress Wiki-Style Theme
Lore – Simple and Elegant WordPress Wiki-Style Theme With positive customer feedback like: “One of the fastest themes that
I bought over the years.” Consider the Lore WordPress theme if you want
your support site to load as quickly as possible. 

The theme has an elegant and simple design with all the functionality
needed for a powerful knowledge base. Live Search with filters, bbPress
integration, FAQ post types—it’s all there so you can quickly create a
support site for your customers.

8. Manual – Versatile Online Documentation & Helpdesk Theme
Manual – Versatile Online Documentation & Helpdesk ThemeThe Manual WordPress theme is a complete solution for your knowledge
base and online documentation website. The theme can be used for a
knowledge base, FAQ, online documentation, and support forum site. It

Multiple Homepage LayoutsFile AttachmentsTargeted Search (entire site, category, and more)Visitor StatsArticle Feedback and moreIt’s also fully responsive and customizable as well as translation-ready.9. Discy – Social Questions and Answers WordPress Theme
Discy – Social Questions and Answers WordPress ThemeIf you’re looking for a social-powered forum, Discy is the perfect
theme for you. It features a unique and customizable design for all its
different pages including question searching, posted question and user
profile. Discy is packed with incredible features such polls, questions
and answers, and a points and badge system. On top of that, their
support system is highly praised!10. HelpDesk – WordPress Support Center Theme
HelpDesk – WordPress Support Center ThemeThe HelpDesk theme is a great way to have users solve their own
issues through support and community help. The theme’s features include:

Contact Form 7Knowledge BaseFAQsBB Press ForumVideos PortalDocument PortalThis theme is also fully responsive.11. VSDocs – Advanced Documentation WordPress Wiki Theme
VSDocs – Advanced Documentation WordPress Wiki ThemeThe VSDocs theme takes your knowledge-base and support section to the next
level by allowing you to upload and use videos as well as deploy all the
standard features of a support website. It comes with an interactive
search form, pre-made templates, and tons of shortcodes so you can build
thorough documentation for your product, app, or service.

What Makes a Great Knowledge Base Website

A good knowledge base website will be able to answer the most basic
questions your customers have and help them get started with your
product. But a great knowledge base will do all that as well as
eliminate some of the support requests completely. Here are five tips
that will help you make your knowledge-base website great.

1. Decide What to Document

Creating documentation goes beyond writing basic instructions. Aside
from helping your customers, it can also help you keep your team members up
to date and make it easy for them to find a specific answer needed when
they are helping someone in person. 

Your documentation should cover the most obvious parts, as well as
provide a thorough description of each feature. Don’t forget to keep a
running draft of questions that come up during conversation with your
customers, and then work on adding the answers into your knowledge base

2. Structure Your Documentation

The structure of your documentation is crucial for minimizing support
requests. Cover everything in logical steps, from the beginning to the
end. Using categories and tags can help you present the support articles
in an organized manner as well as help users find what they need. Use a
theme like iKnowledge to set up categories right on the homepage of your support site.

iKnowledge knowledge-base WordPress theme
3. Make it Easy to Find Answers

Once you have your documentation setup, you need to create the
support section for your product. This can easily be done by setting up a
subdomain on your main website and then installing WordPress along with
the knowledge base theme. 

After that’s done, you want to make sure the support section can
easily be found on your main website. Include the link to it in the main
navigation as well as in the footer of your website. 

You can also incorporate it on your contact page and have a custom
contact form that asks for more information and refers to the
documentation before allowing users to contact you directly.

4. Include Essential Wiki Features

Help articles and documentation are the bare necessities your
knowledge base should include. But in order for your customers to get
the most out of it, you need to include a few other essentials:

A Search Bar: A search bar will make it easier for your
customers to find the answer they need immediately. Nobody wants to
sift through tons of pages before finding the answer to their problem.
A Support Forum: No matter how thorough you are, there
will always be something you missed. Adding a support forum allows
customers to interact with each other and your support team and find
solutions even if your knowledge base doesn’t provide the answer. A
theme like Sentric or Lore does a great job of integrating bbPress with the theme.
An FAQ: Frequently asked questions should be included on all support sites, regardless of how well-documented your product is.
Sentric knowledge-base WordPress theme
with forum example.
5. Use Multimedia on Your Support Page

Keep in mind that most of us are better visual learners. If you can
show how your product works, how to set it up, and how to use it through
the use of images or video, all the better. Consider a theme like VSDocs to make it easy for people to understand and learn everything they need to know to use your product effectively.

Help Your Customers With a Knowledge-Base Theme

Setting up a knowledge base is essential for keeping your customers
happy. Help them understand how your product or service works and how to
use it in the way that benefits them the most by using one of our knowledge base WordPress themes.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new WordPress themes with the best, top rated designs.

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